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Chick Herbert

Mike McCoy


Chick Herbert has nearly thirty years of experience working in the public and private sectors as an executive leader, speaker, consultant and executive coach. His successful career spans more than a dozen industries and provides Chick a wealth of experiential knowledge and perspective.


Chick has held senior leadership roles in organizational development, strategy, training, business development, human resources and operations. Following a successful 13+ year career with a Fortune 20 financial services company, Chick recently transitioned to an executive leadership role with a mid-sized insurance and financial services firm.

Chick is a dynamic public speaker who engages the audience with insightful storytelling and a common sense approach to improving personal and organizational performance.  Attendees describe Chick as possessing the unique ability to simplify complex situations and identify key activities that generate measurable results. Chick’s approachable style allows him to quickly build high-trust relationships with leaders and create a safe environment for self-reflection, dialog and action.

Chick is an active community leader and is the previous Board Chair for Special Olympics Iowa where he was recognized as the state volunteer of the year in 2014. Chick lives in West Des Moines, IA with his wife and has three sons.



Mike McCoy is Chief Executive Officer of NCMIC and Professional Services. Prior to his current executive leadership role, Mike advised, led and invested in businesses that desired to achieve the next level of success.  A dynamic financial services senior executive, his leadership experience spans early stage entrepreneurial organizations to Fortune 25 companies.  Mike has a well-earned reputation for leading companies to superior performance combined with high employee engagement.


Before McCoy turned 30 years old he was leading a team of 2000 sales professionals.  By age 40 he was head of distribution and chief marketing officer for a division of American Express.  Before Mike turned 50 he was president of Wells Fargo consumer credit cards, a company with 4000+ team members, $20 billion in assets and a member of the Wells Fargo & Company Management Committee. During Mike's tenure he led the organization thru the depths of the recession with best in class performance coupled with outstanding employee engagement.


During his 10+ year career with Wells Fargo & Company he led a number of businesses and functions including serving as EVP of Human Resources and Communications for a 50,000 person division of the company.  McCoy's diverse background of leading teams, companies, and functions for both large and small companies has provided him with a unique strategic and operational perspective.


A frequent and sought after public speaker Mike connects with his audience thru high energy and interactive presentations.  Mike and his family live in Des Moines, IA where he is active in his community and church.

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