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Client feedback: 


Chick Herbert was without a doubt one of the best speakers and educators our retreat has ever had. Participants stated they could have listened to Chick over and over again and that the caliber of speaker he is inspired them to improve and take back wonderful ideas to use in their role as managers.


- Senior HR Leader, Healthcare





Chick's message is one that is missing from far too many business and customer service environments today. With an ever-increasingly complex landscape employees are expected to navigate on their way to succssessful business and customer service delivery, the ability to make independent, logical, and expeditious decisions is an endangered skill. 


Chick’s personality and presentation style engages the audience, fosters credibility, and delivers a powerful message with a healthy blend of storytelling, wit, and humor. Perhaps the most powerful compliment a speaker can receive is a statement I witnessed one of my team making. “That guy gets it, he knows what we deal with”. While a simple statement, its power is not to be denied.


If your employee base is a vehicle to your organizations success then utilizing Chick to speak to your team is an asset you should strongly consider employing.


- Chief Executive Officer, Healthcare





My Leadership team had the opportunity to listen to Chick Herbert present on leadership fundamentals and to say it was thought provoking, inspiring, and motivating would be an understatement.  Chick has such a unique skill set which allows him to present very relevant and practical concepts that resonate with the audience well after they participate in the session.  He captured the team’s attention by establishing his credibility as a leader while also sharing personal experiences and stories which connect the fundamentals together throughout the presentation.  Our team walked away from this session practicing self-development with a unified call to action to improve upon their commitment to leadership. 


- Senior Vice President, Financial Services              




The customized workshop that Chick delivered to my development team of 75 at our annual retreat centered on how to use tools and tactics that create accountability, discipline, and focus to drive the right business results. Chick’s style is engaging, inspiring, and interactive. He connects well to staff at all levels and stages in their careers, and always uses a positive approach. His session - Reducing Complexity to Drive Performance - was highly rated by our attendees. Whether you are looking to develop a targeted group of managers or to identify a learning opportunity that resonates across a large audience, Chick has the leadership skills, experience, and energy to create the right content that will align with your organization’s needs and goals. 


Stacy Waters, Associate Vice President of Development

University of Chicago

Medicine & Biological Sciences Development

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